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isdn action lists,,, suggestions

  We are having requests to help people set up more localized action lists 
  for discussions of problems with particular state tariffs....
  When possible, we prefer to defer to local lists set up by others, such 
  as the Utah and CA-PacBell lists (which are mentioned in the state by 
  state updates on the CPT Web page).   However, it may be useful for us to 
  do a bit more for some states.  On way would be just setting up new lists 
  for every state where these is an interest... another approach would be 
  to set up a list for each providers, such as ISDN-BA, ISDN-USW, 
  ISDN-GTE... etc......  I kinda like the provider model, since the tariff 
  actions in each state are highly relevant to each other.  Finally, we 
  might just forget the splinter lists, and only keep isdn up, allow people 
  to set their own special lists as they see fit.  Suggestions are welcome 
  on this.  I am motivated somewhat by persons from Virginia who want more 
  attention to their problems... jamie
  James Love, love@tap.org
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