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cost of residential ISDN

  I would welcome pointers to publicly available studies of residential 
  ISDN costs.  From what I've been told lately, one can think of residential 
  ISDN costs as fixed costs (F), and variable costs (VC), which relate to 
  demands on peak switching capacity (s) and interoffice trunkage (t).
  I was also recently told of a cost study of residential POTS which 
  indicated that fixed costs were about 93 percent of the total, and 
  variable costs were about 7 percent.  If this is right (and maybe a 
  different number is better)... then every $1 (per month) in the POTS 
  tariff would cover a 100 percent increase peak load capacity of the 
  service.  This would suggest that the Consumer Federation of 
  America's estimate of $4 per month as the incremental cost of upgrading 
  residential POTS to ISDN is quite reasonable. 
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