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Pacific Bell ISDN Rate Increases - Protest Web Site (fwd)

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  Date: Tue, 09 JAN 1996 17:16:34 -0800 
  From: dcbarry@pacificnet.net
  Newgroups: comp.dcom.telecom
  Subject: Pacific Bell ISDN Rate Increases - Protest Web Site 
  If you are a user of Pacific Bell ISDN, or are considering subscribing to
  PacBell ISDN, you should be aware of some *very* important information.
  Even if you are not in PacBell land, you may still find this of interest
  if you follow ISDN issues. Your utility could bve next!
  On December 21, Pacific Bell filed application A95-12-043 with the
  California Public Utilities Commision.  In short, the application requests
  very significant rate hikes for all PacBell ISDN users, and would all but
  end unmetered calling for Home ISDN users.
  I have created a web site that spells out exactly what the application
  contains, and what it means to you as consumer.  It also contains
  information on what you as a public citizen can do to help block these
  proposed hikes.
  Please visit my protest website: 
  to obtain essential information on this application. I encourage you
  to register your name and email address so that we can keep you
  up-to-date on the application as it weaves its' way through the
  regulatory maze.
  Please share this information!  You might wish to add a line to your
   .sig referencing the protest pages.  Do what you can to spread the
  David Barry    email:dcbarry@pacificnet.net
                 homepage: http:www.pacificnet.net/~dcbarry