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New WUTC mailbox of ISDN commments

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  Date: Tue, 02 Jan 96 11:20:00 PST
  From: Jeffrey Showman <Jeffrey@WUTC.WA.GOV>
  To: love <love@tap.org>
  Subject: RE: Is the mailbox working?
  Dear Mr. Love: Thanks for asking.  I am one of the four  "webmaster" folks 
  at the Washington Utilities Commission, and my mailbox is filling up with 
  ISDN comments.    We've created a new mailbox especially for comments in 
  this case:
  I would be most appreciative if you could direct folks to this, thanks.
  From: love
  To: webmaster
  Subject: Is the mailbox working?
  Date: Saturday, December 30, 1995 7:41PM
  I was told that people couild sent email to this address, but then
  someone said it wasn't working.  Can you update me on this?  jamie
  James Love, love@tap.org
  P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036; v. 202/387-8030; f. 202/234-5176
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