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Reengineering Billing Systems in the Telecommuncations IndustryConference

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  Subject: Reengineering Billing Systems in the Telecommuncations Industry 
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  Reengineering Billing Systems in the Telecommunications Industry
  March 6 - 7, 1996
  Washington, DC
  Radisson Barcelo
  Hear from the following companies:
  AT & T
  Bell Atlantic
  U S West Communications
  Pacific Bell
  New Century Communications
  Telegen Group
  Deloitte & Touche
  and many more!!!
  Some of the conference sessions:
  Reengineering Billing:  Not the process, but the reasons
  Designing metric systems for large scale service processes
  Billing requirements & options from a customer perspective
  A fresh approach to customer billing quality and satisfaction measurements
  Real time billing
  Convergence billing for the consumer marketplace
  Outsourcing billing
  Billing solutions
  For a conference brochure, please include your name, address, fax and phone 
  number - 800-882-8684 or e-mail info@iqpc.com
  Visit us at our homepage:  http://www.planet.net/iqpc/
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