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Launching & Managing A Call Center Conference

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  From: lmoran@planet.net
  Subject: Launching & Managing A Call Center Conference
  To: philk@ucg.com
  Launching & Managing A Call Center Conference, January 23 & 24, 1996
  New Orleans, LA Sheraton Hotel
  You Can't Afford to Miss This Landmark Conference!!!
  Official Conference Publication:  Call Center Magazine
  Proven strategies for increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits
  Listed below are some of the companies that are registered for the conference:
  Telecom Project Assistance
  Tandem Computers
  Norrell Corp.
  MBNA America
  EBSCO Industries
  Innovative Telecom
  Wang Laboratories
  JC Penney
  Charles Schwabb & Co.
  GeoSystems Global Corporation
  Chicago Tribune
  Florida Power & Light
  Houston Lighting & Power
  AT & T
  U S West Communications
  Prudential Insurance
  and many more!!!
  Call 800-882-8684 for a conference brochure - include your name, address, fax 
  and phone numbers
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