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Vinyl chloride odor

  Jon, and the list:
  I sent these postings privately to Jon because he is incorrect to assume that
  the odor of plasticized PVC is vinyl chloride, and out of respect for him I
  did not want to conduct that discussion in public.  Clearly, this is now a
  public discussion.
  Monitoring done in processing facilities--like those making window
  shades--shows vinyl chloride is always well below the OSHA action level (0.5
  ppm), and usually is non detect at low ppb levels.  You can't smell vinyl
  chloride in a processing plant, never mind at home or in your car.
  Therefore, I ask the list.  Who has data that shows that Jon is correct that
  a new windowshade in your home outgasses VCM to the extent that the odor is
  detectable--never mind strong?
  I've tried to be civil and helpful to people on this list, even if we usually
  don't agree.  If no one, including Jon, can produce this data, then I hope
  Jon will consider an apology to me for an unnecessary personal attack.
  Bill Carroll
  Chlorine Chemistry Council