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Re: Re: comments on toys

  After reading the exchange between Greenpeace and the CCC's Dr. Carroll on
  lead/cadmium testing of PVC items I agree with Bill on part of his point but
  I appluad Greenpeace for their effort at the same time.  Lead and cadmium
  from PVC additives and general article paints/pigments is an important public
  health concern.  I would LOVE to see more of the items used by children
  tested for lead.  I don't think very many people realized that things like
  bread bags (a nonPVC item I think) are often coated with lead-containing
  Any work which increases are realization of which products contain lead is
  helpful  Greenpeace's work on this is a valuable start.  Whether the lead
  comes from countries with weak or nonexistent labor/product safety standards
  such as China, or if it comes from American food packagers wrongly using lead
  pigments, I am glad someone took the time to check.
  When one of the World's leading toy manufacturers, Disney, sees that some of
  its products contain harmful lead, I believe it's in Disney's economic
  interest to switch to safer materials.  I will let my feelings be known to
  them and they will (I hope) respond to market pressure.
  So thank you Greenpeace, and I hope someone will take Bill's suggestion and
  look at some nonPVC products for lead also.