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Re: Parents Against PVC Toys

  Hi Jackie:
  Good point.  Sometimes I put inappropriate things in my mouth too.
  I guess where I'm coming from is the real potential for sucking exposure
  from, say, a raincoat or the film on the side of a baby carriage.  There are
  reasonable unintended routes of exposure that could be identified via toys
  that could be mouthed.  I see the two as different, but both could be
  Then we have to understand whether 200 ppm lead is leachable from the
  matrix--remember, that's different than 200 ppm in free surface dust.  At 200
  ppm I can't rule out environmental contamination, especially from toys made
  in China.  That's why it would be useful to look at things other than vinyl.
  If the issue is lead and cadmium, then go for lead and cadmium.  There is
  nothing special about vinyl that requires them (except in the rare case of
  power wire, where the insulator properties are needed).  Pigments are usable
  anywhere, and the issue seems to be the pigment,  not the matrix.
  Re: my signature.  Since I type it one key at a time, I left off the CCC
  since everybody knows.  I'll be happy to put it there--I still work for
  OxyChem and spend a lot of time with CCC.
  Bill Carroll
  Chlorine Chemistry Council