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"Saving Spring."

            "Saving Spring."  New York Times Book Review, 5 October 97, 18.
                 Robert B. Semple looks at "Rachel Carson: Witness for
                 Nature" by Linda Lear (Henry Holt & Company, 634 pp., $35).
                 Lear looks at Carson's life, from childhood poverty to the
                 realization that she should combine a career in writing and
                 science, to government service, to fame and recognition as
                 the force capable of awakening a nation to the threat of
                 toxics and pollution in our environment. Although Carson's
                 life should serve as an inspiration to all of us, her life
                 has strong feminist themes: her mother was a driving force
                 in Carson's early life, and at the Pennsylvania College for
                 Women, she found a mentor in Mary Scott Skinker, an
                 influential biology professor. So far, Carson's dire
                 prediction--of a spring when no robins or other birds would
                 fill the sky--has not come to pass, but her legacy remains a
                 powerful force for all those concerned with environmental