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Re: USGS asks pub;ic's help in ID malformed amphibians

  >Hi. I seem to be blocked as far as the dioxin-l list is concerned and
  >thought you might be interested in sharing this method of getting the SEC
  >to work.  Thanks, Elizabeth O'Nan
  >Our organization was able to trigger an investigation into Waste Management
  >Inc. by filing a stock holder complaint.  It didn't seem to matter that our
  >stock holder held only one share of stock...but the fact that the complaint
  >was filed by a stock holder seemed to be the irrefutable issue.  It may
  >save time and legal expense to buy one share of stock from each of the
  >suspect companies and file a shareholder complaint.  Shareholders seem to
  >have greater standing in these issues.  If several stock holders files
  >complaints that might trigger more help.  Check their rules. Just a guess.
  >E.M.T. O'Nan
  >> From: Tony Tweedale <ttweed@wildrockies.org>
  >> To: Multiple recipients of list <dioxin-l@essential.org>
  >> Subject: Re: The SEC's Dirty Secret (ENS)
  >> Date: Thursday, August 21, 1997 9:28 AM
  >> >The SEC's Dirty
  >> >Secret
  >> >
  >> >Posted to the web: Fri Aug 15 19:27:42 EDT 1997
  >> >
  >> >
  >> >
  >> >By Donald Sutherland
  >> >
  >> >WASHINGTON, DC, August 15, 1997 (ENS) -
  >> >Information on the environmental liabilities of
  >> >corporations is being withheld from investors
  >> >and from the general public, but little is being
  >> >done to bring light into these dark corners.
  >> >
  >> >In February of 1997, three environmental