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More Dioxin in Missouri, near Times Beach

  Allen, W., "Dioxin Levels  Found in Private Drive in Ellisville,"
   St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 6, 1997
      Dioxin has been discovered anew in the soil in west St. Louis
      County - this time in the suburb of Ellisville, federal and
      state officials reported Tuesday.
      The report came fewer than six weeks afater the dismantling of
      an incinerator to eliminate the dioxin at Times Beach and more
      than two dozen other sites.  Officials at that time declared an
      end to Missouri's 25-year dioxin legacy.
      Officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said
      Tuesday that a private driveway in Ellisville was found to have
      dioxin levels as high as 195 parts per billion.  In a statement,
      the agency said dioxin levels more than 1 part per billion are
      "of concern."
      . In telephone interviews, state and federal officials said they
      were notified in July of the contamination by a resident's
      lawyer.  In Januaray, the resident conducted an independent
      test, which found diioxin in the driveway.  Government
      technicians returned to the area in protective "moon suits" and
      collected 21 samples.  The results came in Monday.
      . Officials believe the dioxin was sprayed sometime between 1964
      and 1970.  
  Allan, W., "Dioxin Find Worries Residents:  Many Have Questions About
   Chemical," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 10, 1997
      "The science is showing that extremely small amounts of dioxin
      delivered at critical times are enough to permanently disrupt
      fetal development and lead to very serious repercussions," said
      Frederick vom Saal, an expert on environmental chemicals at the
      University of Missouri at Columbia.
      "Today you don't find anybody saying small amounts of dioxin are
      likely to be safe," vom Saal said. "It's not a position that any
      responsible person is taking."
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