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Re: dioxin fingerprints

  > From: Jon Campbell <jon@cqs.com>
  > 1. If chlorine is used by the POTW, then it will, of
  > course, combine with the organics in wastewater to form 
  > dioxin and other nasty organochlorines (notably TCE).
  Jon, we are a little away from my area of expertise, and I fully
  acknowledge that dioxins and furans will find their way to the POTW.  I
  also acknowledge that organo-chlorine chemistry is going on there.  But
  I had not heard of any reference that dioxins will freely form in low
  orders of entropy without a lot more forced chemistry behind it.  Do
  you have a reference that says dioxins (or TCE) are actually *formed*
  in the wastewater stream?
  > 3. Community use of ordinary chlorine bleach may
  > contribute significantly to dioxin in wastewater.
  Same question.
  Sam McClintock