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  Someone sent this to me (see below).  It only looks like part of an
  article.  I do not know where it was from.  However, I did go to the
  Greenpeace webpage and saw their press release stating this.  What
  does this mean for Greenpeace's efforts on dioxin.  Also, what about
  their efforts on endocrine disruption?
  WASHINGTON (Aug. 1, 1:45 p.m. EDT) -- Falling donations are
  pushing Greenpeace to close all 10 of its U.S. regional
  offices andlay off 200 of its 300 U.S. employees by the end of
  October, the environmental organization said.
  Greenpeace?s toxics campaign, which includes its well-publicized
  dioxin and "PVC -- The Poison Plastic" effort, will likely drop from
  nine or 10 full-time staffers to five or six, said toxics campaigner
  Rick Hind. The toxics effort will remain a priority, but the timing
  and details of its restructuring have yet to be worked out, he said.
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