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Re: dioxin fingerprints

  At 03:08 PM 8/5/97 -0400, jharvie@wlssd.duluth.mn.us wrote:
  >I have been involved in dioxin sampling at our POTW. We have sampled all
  >industry effluent, including a local Pulp Mill ( even leachate from its'
  >landfill). The detection limit was around 1 ppt and we had no "hits" (except
  >a few OCDDs, and 250 ppt of PeCDD in a Parks department pesticide), yet our
  >wastewater sludge ranges from 2-4 ppt. I was wondering if I could tell what
  >our dioxin source is, based on its' fingerprint. Does anyone have experience
  >they could share?
  While searching on Pub Med last week, I saw a number of 
  articles that were exactly "on point" to your inquiry, but
  I didn't save 'em.   
  Try searching with terms  dioxin sludge
  The dioxin source probably includes chlorination of wastewater at the POTW, 
  although a couple of samples will not be sufficient to rule out the bleached
  kraft pulp mill.  Did you sample at the general inlet of the kraft mill to your 
  sewage system?   How about an onsite sampling process at the mill at 
  the bleach plant sewer in the plant  (less dilutions at that location)....
   Does your POTW have a process which heat treats sludge???  This may
  be the place where formation takes place.
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