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Re: dioxin contaminated bentonite

  >One possible clay source could be the 
  >product of Granulation Technologies Inc. in Green 
  >Bay, Wisconsin.
  >Since chickens and other livestock are often fed 
  >supplements, anti-biotics and other medicines --- 
  >could the dioxins (etc.) be coming from the 
  >Date:          Fri, 1 Aug 1997 10:49:00 -0400 (EDT)
  >Reply-to:      jharvie@wlssd.duluth.mn.us
  >From:          Jamie Harvie <jharvie@wlssd.duluth.mn.us>
  >To:            Multiple recipients of list <dioxin-l@essential.org>
  >Subject:       dioxin contaminated bentonite
  >News on the dioxin contaminated bentonite has been rather scarce lately. I
  >am wondering where the dioxin contamination of the bentonite came from. Was
  >it really from the bentonite? If it was a "natural" clay deposit there
  >should not be such high dioxin contamination. Anyone yet know the real scoop?
  There's one way to begin to nail this down...  one of the
  organizations on the list should draft a Federal Freedom of Information
  Act request of the Food & Drug Administration regional office
  that has jurisdiction over the Arkansas chicken sites affected.  
  You could ask for:
  1.  All information concerning PCDD/F testing results in chickens
  2.  All information held by the FDA concerning the chlorinated
  dioxin/furan content of chicken feeds, chicken feed additives
  and agricultural medications and drug supplements.
  You might get a ton of stuff, but at least you will get what the
  FDA has (unless there is an enforcement action under way
  by FDA that is likely to lead to criminal/civil prosecution in 
  which case you may get a denial of such information.)
  You may want to repeat this request of FDA headquarters
  in Washington DC.
  You may also want to make a similar request of EPA
  Region 7 that covers Arkansas to see if they have
  any such information as well.
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