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Re: dioxin soil concentrations

  >Does anyone know of recent numbers on background dioxin soil concentrations?
  >J. Harvie
  For the UK: HMIP report 1995
  Urban locations (Mean of 5 samples) = total I-TEQ 28.37 ng/kg
  Rural locations (Mean of 11 samples) = total I-TEQ 5.17 ng/kg
  Do you want the breakdown for the 17 congeners of interest?  It would be
  easier to fax - have you a fax number?
  The above report gives data for many samples, but it is all given in terms
  of total dioxin per congener, not in I-TEQ equivalents. I-TEQ values are
  only given for the limited sets of samples above, and then they only give
  the mean, min and max for each congener, not the values for each sample. 
  I also have ICI's monitored soil samples for near their site at Runcorn,
  England, and some samples in Hampshire, England. Do you want details?
  Viv Mountford