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apologies for bashed mail message

  Hi, folks,
  My mailer (MS Outlook Express) has really made a
  mess of a couple of mail messages I sent, and I
  want to apologize and resend a little summary
  of what they said.
  I think we need to stop wasting time on whether
  individuals in the agencies are good people or not.
  This does matter in the little picture - we need to always
  assume that lower-level people in the DEPs and EPA
  are good folks who really want to help us.
  But the big picture reveals that they cannot help us
  to make institutional changes, and the EPA and DEPs
  are - by policy - decreasing their commitment to
  environmental protection and finding loopholes in
  the laws and advising their industrial "clients" to
  drive trucks through them.
  We need to have an alternative strategy that will
  make institutional changes. Any thoughts will be
  gratefully received. I have some thoughts of my own
  which I will share later.
  I also posed a quiz: why hasn't the EPA released
  the 1994 reassessment. (I think they *can't* release it...)
  Any of 4-5 reasons will do. No conspiracy theory is
  needed, although suggestions along these lines
  are always fascinating...
  Jon Campbell