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Re: More or Less Dioxin??? (was Re: Dioxin Sources

  as alex responded, he was not saying that victimization is an unimportant
  issue.   he was actually focusing on tactics to aid victims; how to make
  such time more productive than unadulterated complaining about the
  unfairness of the system confronting us.  his record of aiding us with
  extraordinarily useful information is clear.
  Environmental survivors  are not only treated as unimportant, they are
  ignored all together.  It would be helpful to know what the specifics of
  these tactics to  "aid victims" are?  And just how this would benefit the
  chemically injured and disabled?  One could see how it might prevent
  creating "new victim survivors" if present tactics were successful, but how
  would it help existing survivors?  The cancer and chronic illness rates
  keep climbing.  
       Now there is grumbling in Washington about the enormous costs of Home
  Health Care.  The implication is that there are unworthy sick people that
  would unnecessarily have strange nurses and aids come to their home.  Or
  the service providers are crooks.  They can always site a case or two to
  justify severe cuts to the program.  Same thing with Social Security,
  Medicare and Medicaid.  The fact is there are more and more chronically ill
  and disabled people...we even survive longer with cancer.  Could it be that
  our industry owned government simply does not want to pay taxes to help all
  the people they have poisoned?  That they would rather have more funds for
  corporate welfare?  Just food for thought, not a conspiracy plot.  Probably
  not even a conscious effort.  Just a natural inclination for the heartless
  corpocracy.  After all with appropriate medical care the wealthy poisoned
  people can help support the medical establishment.  The poor would be
  considered a tax burden that might linger on in misery for years if not
  properly cut off from medical care and social services.
       There can be no harm in prolonged "unadulterated complaining" when the
  complaints are justified.  Do not mothers and fathers hear their children's
  pleas when they are repeated often enough?  A child knows this simple
  tactic.  We have all had the experience of being worn down by a fact we
  just can not ignore.  Lets hear it for unrelenting complaints!  Squeaky
  wheels, et al.  This basic fact is the heart of the repetitive "Hail Mary".
   Additionally the recommendations mentioned seem only related to how the
  environmental movement can best be "served" by these "victim"
  survivors...urge them to get over their grief and get busy.  Never mind
  that all many of these people can do is cling to life and as Rachel Carson
  predicted, "Live the not quite lethal existence".  Are we to believe that
  if they are unable to get busy and get to work then their suffering has no
  value?  If their toxic soaked brains have turned to mush and they can go
  nowhere without getting further degenerative injuries from (BRC)low level
  exposures...are they worthless?  Most environmental organizations don't
  even bother to follow ADA laws so the chemically disabled can attend
  meetings via speaker phone or teleconferencing.  
       Far from being ignored and vilified these individuals should form the
  bulkhead of our "why".  Every grassroots group should celebrate these
  survivors as their personal mascots to nurture and adopt.  Their raison
  detre!  For if our only reasons for achievement are selfish survival,
  self-aggrandizement and puffing up our egos... we are not in any true sense
  in pursuit of "justice". We shall very likely fail to stop the poisoning or
  ensure our children's future.