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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  >Hummel et al,
  >                    What so many of us seem to know by heart, I find the
  >average citizen hasn't a clue about.  That being that poison pushers can
  >operate completely within the law and pump out copious amounts of deadly
  >poisons.  The average American thinks if a company is in compliance with
  >state and federal environmental laws...they are not polluting...there are
  >no stack emissions, no toxics down the creek, no pollution period.  They
  >are without exception shocked to hear our government issues permits to
  >pollute.  I think if we could expose this  one fallacy to the public we
  >would have a renewed environmental movement in spades.  
  I think this is one of those ideas that will seem simplistic to many of
  those used to contending with the "system" but which is fact very sound.  We
  need to get back to educating people on the basics of what is going on.