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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  We are about to enter the "flame zone" because I sincerely believe that
  those who believe as you do are in fact part of the problem.  There are
  just too many people who work for the government, whether state,
  federal, or local, who try to make an honest difference and who try to
  do their jobs as best possible.  The continued denigration of them does
  nothing to protect the environment, and has the added impact of
  convincing the very best to leave their jobs.
  The only way to prove it is for you to come meet them.  You can right
  over to Raleigh, North Carolina, or I'll meet you in DC.  You can visit
  the air dispersion modelers and tell them they don't know what they are
  doing and that they are just tools of industry.  You can walk right up
  to guys who spend years figuring out watershed protection programs and
  tell them their work is worthless.  You can go to talk to folks in the
  USEPA research labs and tell them you don't care if they've come up
  with a new way to measure picograms of carcinogenic metals.  You can go
  visit somebody in US Fish and Wildlife, and trust me, I know just the
  person, and you can tell her that all the time she spent going toe to
  toe with generals and Jesse Helms over endangered species protection in
  Ft. Bragg was meaningless.
  What I find so sad about all this is that you are playing right into
  the conservatives hand of cutting government budgets for all those
  programs that have a real impact.  So next time a parks bill cuts
  junked, or they cut the manpower budgets of the enforcement officers,
  you go tell those nice Republican senators how glad you are because
  those people are so worthless.  And industry, god's they must LOVE YOU.
  It is impossible for people not be subjective when somebody is calling
  them names.  So if a facility gets a permit under less stringent review
  because all you did was call the compliance engineer a bunch of names,
  look to thyself.
  I am ready to start visiting offices when you are . . .
  Sam McClintock
  > From: Protect All Children's Environment <pace@mcdowell.main.nc.us>
  > To: Multiple recipients of list <dioxin-l@essential.org>
  > Subject: Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other
  > Date: 26 July 1997 02:19
  > Sorry but I must say that anyone who has held a crying mother who has
  > child: dying of cancer; born with birth defects; miscarried...who has
  > watched as families have fallen apart due to the pressures of
  > polluters for years on end...or who has been forced to accommodate an
  > impaired and shortened life due to  toxic exposure...knows who the
  > is.  They know there are precious few bureaucrats that care about
  > but their jobs.  This is not to say there is not the rare Sanjorn or
  > Kaufman hero that have dedicated their lives to assisting poisoned
  > But let there be no mistake the EPA, state regulatory agencies, state
  > pesticide boards, et.al. are the enemies of the people.