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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  Sorry but I must say that anyone who has held a crying mother who has a
  child: dying of cancer; born with birth defects; miscarried...who has
  watched as families have fallen apart due to the pressures of fighting
  polluters for years on end...or who has been forced to accommodate an
  impaired and shortened life due to  toxic exposure...knows who the enemy
  is.  They know there are precious few bureaucrats that care about anything
  but their jobs.  This is not to say there is not the rare Sanjorn or
  Kaufman hero that have dedicated their lives to assisting poisoned people. 
  But let there be no mistake the EPA, state regulatory agencies, state
  pesticide boards, et.al. are the enemies of the people.  Indeed we must
  ferret out the most egregious (as was done in the Solid waste dept. of 
  Texas back in 1990) and seek their appropriate and severe punishment.  We
  must be very careful how we deal with them due to the built in conflict of
  interest mentioned earlier.  The regulatory bureaucracy is the wholly owned
  subsidiary of industry and it is self-serving and or naive to think
  otherwise.  To compare these betrayers of health and environment to
  teachers seeking better pay in another profession is obtuse.  Teachers
  unless they go to work for polluters do no harm when they change
        Thousands of sick and dying citizens labor endless hours to help stop
  the poisoning with absolutely "no pay".   It is not too much to expect EPA
  and similarly paid regulatory officials to rise to the moral "oughtness" of
  their positions and not betray the American people by going to work for the
  poison pushers.
       I recommend that this conversation, which I am sure has tied up the
  amount of creative energy it was designed to, get back on the track of
  investigating the issue itself and not who is nice and who is not.  Those
  who fight on the front lines in the wars against the poison pushers know
  who they have relied upon and who has consistently betrayed them and their
  children.  How about we get back to work before more children die?
  E.M.T. O'Nan, PHD