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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

    It is difficult not to believe that we are 
  >up against an effective 'regulatory industrial complex' where 'regulator 
  >capture' has transformed many officers into agents for the industry they 
  >are regulating
  >These regulators stand on platforms with their industrial partners and 
  >constantly defend the status quo as being 'safe' and 'sustainable'.  
  >Environmentalists often have no option other than to discredit the 
  >regulators who put those arguments.  Of course we can congratulate them 
  >on the relatively rare (in the UK) times that they take positive action 
  >to protect the environment - but most of the time they are in a deeply 
  >compromised position with industry and vested interests being far too 
  This is certainly my own view, having both worked in the chemical industry
  and attempted to agitate on behalf of environmental concerns.  I'd also say
  that on my home turf (Delaware, USA), the mainstream of "environmental
  activists" are at least as compromised as the regulators.  In my experience
  most regulators of good will would like the "environmental" side to be more
  effectively represented, so as to provide the "space" for more aggressive
  Alan Muller