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Re: More or Less Dioxin???

  > Although this claim (and variations on it) are continually made 
  > by industry and their consultants, what I have actually observed
  > looking at analysis sheets is increasing amounts of dioxin.  I 
  > can agree that many of the hot spots identified a decade ago 
  > have been really cleaned (or made to look so).  But there are 
  > many disturbing new findings, and good reason to believe that 
  > other bad news is being suppressed. (Whats _certainly_ 
  > increasing is the toxic concentration of information, that is 
  > propaganda--the dollars spent there prove that.)
  1. The information on the decrease of biologically available dioxin is
  not data of my manufacture or industry's.  It is data gathered by
  university and government research. If you have a problem with specific
  pieces of research or those scientists, then point to the specific
  research, the page number, and provide references.  Don't denigrate an
  entire population of scientists with such an offhand and casual remark.
  2.  If you have information that "bad news" is being suppressed, you
  are more than welcome to point that out.  Again, be specific.
  I agree totally that a lot of dollars are being spent on
  anti-environmental forums, and we as a species don't have to look too
  hard to find it.  Dr. Singer is getting paid some major dollars to
  write articles against CFC/ozone research, despite overwhelming
  evidence of CFC/ozone interaction.  The Hoover Institute actually
  getting a call before Congress to testify how global warming will
  benefit humanity (written by an economist, not scientist).  We have
  major activity in the USA right now to downplay the USEPA's findings on
  tightening air regs - driven in part by the very industry that will be
  hit hardest - power utilities.  Sometimes it arrives in nicely packaged
  forms, other times it is just plain ugly and reveals a side of humanity
  that I'd just as soon not know existed.
  But the decrease in dioxin levels is not information generated by or
  sponsored by industry.  So until I see research saying otherwise, I'm
  going to take their peer-reviewed published word on it.  It is more
  than one report we are talking about, more than one scientist, more
  than one university, and more than one country that have all come to
  same conclusion.
  Sam McClintock