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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  > I tend to agree with Charlie, and I think this needs to
  > be a public discussion. If there is something wrong
  > technically with a report, we need to discuss it and
  > fix it, not accuse organizations of bending the truth.
  > Greenpeace's work, to date, has been pretty exemplary,
  Much of Greenpeace's work I will acknowledge as beyond exemplary and is
  important; lot of members doing excellent work.  But there is a lot of
  material, that for sake of getting flamed, needs a *little* shoring up.
   If you don't want me to bring out a lot of specifics, I'd just admit
  it and leave it at that.
  > As for government work to help the community: while
  > there are a large number of well-meaning people in
  > the government who really want their agencies to
  > do the right thing (example: William Sanjour), it should
  > be obvious to most people that the EPA's role is
  > to instutionalize the status quo and guarantee the
  > viability of the chemical and industrial giants.
  I could not disagree more.  I know too many people who work day in and
  day out on these issues; USEPA's role and the role most employees see
  themselves in, is not to protect the status quo.  The continued
  denigration of these people in various federal and state agencies does
  NOTHING for their morale for a group that is sorely overworked and
  underpayed.  The worst morale I have witnessed in federal agencies came
  after old Ronny and George took apart the USEPA and Dept. of Interior
  with their two anti-environmental stooges; the continued denigration
  and disrespect by several environmental groups is pulling a close
  second.  YOU OWE THESE PEOPLE MORE.  Stick to specific examples and
  blame the specific people who watered down the regs, not the troops as
  a whole who make honest efforts.
  Sam McClintock