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International discontinues Unity DP unbleached paper

  I recently received a fax, dated July 9, from Hammermill Papers.  It says
  that International Paper has made an announcement that it will shut down
  the deinking plant and recycling operation at the Lock Haven, PA mill.
  This will include discontinuing the office and printing papers in the 100%
  recycled category:
  Hammermill Unity DP
  Hammermill Incentive Unity Offset
  Hammermill Unity Reply Card
  Springhill Incentive 100 DP
  Springhill Incentive 100 Offset
  Springhill Incentive 100 Return Postcard.
  They say that this is because they have not met price and volume
  expectations.  October 1, 1997 is the day they will cease production.
  We have been running a Reach for Unbleached campaign here in Missoula,
  Montana, and Unity DP has been a large part of our success.  It's at least
  as cheap as bleached recycled paper when bought in volume, so many
  departments in our local government and University have made the switch.
  The issue of its groundwood content has been a problem in recycling, but
  one recycler was willing to take it.
  Does anyone have any suggestions for:
  1) how to convince International Paper to continue making these papers?  I
  was thinking that it would be good to at least ask people who use the
  papers in jeapordy to write letters;
   2) other unbleached or chlorine-free bleached copy papers that are
  competitively priced.  We would like to use Eureka 100! copy paper, but it
  is prohibitively expensive here.  Has anyone out there gotten good pricing
  on this, and if so, any suggestions for us?
  Elisa Lynch
  Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Coalition
  PO Box 7593
  Missoula, MT  59807
  406/542-0539 (tel)
  406/542-5632 (fax)