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Address to write Hammermill Papers about Unity discontinuance

  >=====  A message from the 'pulppaper' discussion list  =====
  >Oh, man. This is BAD news. What's their address? I'll write to them today.
  >At 04:05 PM 18/07/97 -0600, you wrote:
  >>=====  A message from the 'pulppaper' discussion list  =====
  >>I recently received a fax, dated July 9, from Hammermill Papers.  It says
  >>that International Paper has made an announcement that it will shut down
  >>the deinking plant and recycling operation at the Lock Haven, PA mill.
  >>This will include discontinuing the office and printing papers in the 100%
  >>recycled category:
  >>Hammermill Unity DP
  >>Hammermill Incentive Unity Offset
  >>Hammermill Unity Reply Card
  >>Springhill Incentive 100 DP
  >>Springhill Incentive 100 Offset
  >>Springhill Incentive 100 Return Postcard.
  >>They say that this is because they have not met price and volume
  >>expectations.  October 1, 1997 is the day they will cease production.
  >Miranda Holmes, Toxics Campaigner
  >Georgia Strait Alliance
  >1726 Commercial Drive
  >Vancouver, BC V5N 4A3
  >Phone: 604-251-4953 Fax: 604-253-0114
  Dear Miranda and others interested in trying to save the Unity DP
  unbleached paper line:
  The address to write to Hammermill is:
  Hammermill Papers
  6400 Poplar Avenue
  Memphis, Tennesee  38197-7000
  - Elisa Lynch
  Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Coalition
  PO Box 7593
  Missoula, MT  59807
  406/542-0539 (tel)
  406/542-5632 (fax)