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Re: To Carol Meeds....

  Hi Susan:
  (can we go off list since this really isn't dioxin?  My e-mail adress is
  but since we'vew already intruded, here are a few comments...
  The sugar fields are between Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.  The Everglades
  lawsuit, was for the most part, about the phosphate pollution (and some would
  add nitrates)  from fertilizers in the sugar fields.  There is a concern abut
  mercury in the Everglades and I believe some studies have been done about
  mercury uptake in sugar.  I've copied Bonnie Barnes Kelly, (bkmercury@aol.com)
  maybe she can find the data and see if they looked for other metals at the same
  The arsenic is probably from treated lumber  (CCA .025) although there is quite
  aq bit of arsenic in the soils in South Florida from farm pesticide applications
  .  This is a co-generation plant and C&D recycling plants throughout south
  Florida have been chipping wood and sending it to these co-gen plants.
  In the past there have been may reasons to be concerned about the treatment of
  the migrant farm workers.  And more than one "expose" has been published.  One
  person who is making a diference is Cynthia Laramore of Blacks on the Serious
  Side (B.O.S.S.)  She is from the Lake Okeechobee area and came to the CCHW -
  Florida Dioxin roundtable.