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Re: REHW #555 - an opening

  Mike (and everyone),
  I do agree that sometimes we seem like we're bashing
  our heads against the wall, but I do think we are making some
  Several *governments* have made a decision to phase out
  all production and uses of PVC (just saw it in passing in some
  memo or other, I can't produce a source). In Switzerland,
  Dow does not produce Saran Wrap (which is a vinyl derivative),
  instead it is pure polyethylene, with a note that says that when
  burned it doesn't cause toxic chemicals to form.
  As for our focus (for stopping dioxin exposure)
  1. Incinerators, medical, MSW, and hazardous. They must all
  be shut forever. There is no way to make incineration truly safe - it
  will always produce toxic ash - and even if there were, the destruction
  of the materials is unconscionable and wasteful.
  2. The organochlorine production complex. Greenpeace is
  providing excellent information for us to use to stop the demand
  for organochlorines.
  3. Publicizing the dioxin threat. That's why I created my Website.
  I had not found any public information flyers about dioxin and
  its threat in the food supply.