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To Carol Meeds....

  The article came today.  WOW!  Those numbers are incredible with arsenic
  and chromium.  
  Do toxic metals and other pollutants collect in the sugar, if the ash is
  spread in the fields?  I would imagine that even if it takes longer for
  the sugar to take up the toxics, the groundwater and non-point pollution
  will increase into surface waters and the food chain.  Correct me if I'm
  wrong.  Certainly, the dust occurred will increase the damage to public
  health of workers and residents living near the fields? Are all unknown?
  I hope the sugar, waste, and energy industries are not allowed to get
  away with this massive pollution.  When it comes down to it, it appears
  that there is really nothing safe to burn or compost when one is
  speaking of the toxics that industries have used to make things better. 
  <Better> is definitely a double-edged sword.
  Thanks, again.