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new Website - request for info

  Hello again,
  I am a software engineer by day (when employed) and an activist and
    environmental consultant so I can sleep at
  night. During the time that I have been "between contracts" I have
  begun to  set up 
  a new website called Toxic Alert which digests much of
  the great work of CCHW,
   Greenpeace, and others into 2-page documents
  that can be used by
   grassroots community groups,
  and provides information about wastesites, nuclear plants, and health that
  I believe is
   unique. The URL is http://www.cqs.com.
  One aspect of the site is a list of grassroots organizations and phone
  numbers for
   people who are looking for community groups, or people in
  one community with
   a problem can look to see if there is another group in
  another community working
   on the same problem. One of the ways that
  the chem industry/gov complex continues
   their business-as-usual pattern
  is that people think they are isolated, and my hope
   is that this site would
  help reduce this isolation.
  So, to make a long-winded explanation short, I'm looking for organizations
  that would
   be willing to have their phone number or email address or both
  placed in the page
   of community organizations. Obviously, *anyone* can
  look at the site, so it would mean
   that people who do not share our views
  would also have access to the information.
   (This is true as well of this listserv and any other public forum on the
   And it might possibly be a source of extra electronic junk mail,
  as happens anytime
   an email address is posted anywhere.
  That said, I think the advantages outweigh the
  possible disadvantages, and would appreciate having the opportunity
  to list your organization on the Website. If you'd like to include a short
   statement, I'll publish that as well with a link to it. If your
  organization has a URL,
   I'll put in the link to it.
  Please send mail to me, jon@cqs.com
  Jon Campbell