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PCDD/F Formation During Combustion of Landfilll Gas

  Following are excerpts from two papers that present data describing 
  PCDD/F formation during the combustion of landfill gas.
   Source:  Fiedler, H.  Formation and Sources of PCDD/PCDF.  
  Organohalogen Compounds 11: 221-228 (1993).
      Landfill Gases 
      Despite the high chlorine content in landfill
      gases burning of  these gases in muffle furnaces or internal
      combustion engines  results in relatively low dioxin emissions
      in the range of 0.1  ng TEQ/m3 or lower ( HLfU 1991).
   Source:  Lahl, U., Wilken, M., Zeschmar-Lahl, and Jager, J.  
  PCDD/PCDF balance of different municipal waste management methods.  
  Chemosphere 23 ( 8-10): 1481-1489 (1991)
      For emission reduction, disposal gas [landfill gas] is often 
      treated or used in thermal processes.  ... Due to our  analyses,
      exhaust gas after combustion of disposal gas can  contain
      considerable amounts of PCDD/PCDF.  We found 75-217 pg  (TE)/m3,
      other authors report values up to nearly 1 ng ( TE)/m3  (10).
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