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Special Series on Chlorine Flows & the Environment in J. of Industrial Ecology

  	I am writing to the dioxin-l list because I want to let you know of some
  recent work on the controversy over chlorine and the environment.
  	I am the editor of a new journal owned by Yale University, headquartered
  at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and published by MIT
  Press.  The JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY is an international peer-reviewed
  quarterly that examines the relationship between industry and the
  environment from the perspective of the emerging field of industrial ecology. 
  	The premiere issue of the JOURNAL inaugurates a special series on chlorine
  flows and the environment.  In the first issue are articles by Dutch
  researchers summarizing a massive government-funded study tracing
  approximately 99% of the flows of chlorinated compounds through the Dutch
  economy.  In the same issue, Robert Ayres, the dean of materials flows
  analysis, starts a 4 part series on the life cycle of chlorine in the US
  and Western European.
  	The second issue contains articles assessing the application of the
  precautionary principle to chlorinated compounds under uncertainty (by the
  Dutch researchers) and an examination by Dennis Chang (Abt Associates) and
  David Allen (Univ of Texas, Austin) of how the cost of chemical
  manufacturing would change if the use of chlorinated intermediates were
  	For more information about the series or the journal, please visit the
  journal's web site at:
  	Thank you for your interest.
  Reid Lifset
  Reid J. Lifset, Associate Director				School of Forestry & Environmental
  Industrial Environmental Management Program			Yale University
  Editor, Journal of Industrial Ecology				205 Prospect Street
  203-432-6949 (tel)							New Haven, CT   06511-2106  USA
  203-432-5912 (fax)