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Re: Take No Comfort

  At 9:37 97/12/18, James Love wrote:
  >Miguel, I recently (last week) met with DG IV over Microsoft.  One
  >document that seems relevant to the MS case is the 1984 IBM
  >understaking.  Do you know where this would be on the Web?
  >   Jamie
  I don't believe it is available on the net. It's reference is Press Release
  IP (84) 290, Aug. 2, 1984 (This should be available from the CELEX database
  of the EC Commission. Check also a brief reference to that undertaking on
  the 1985 EC Commission Competition Policy Report of 1984 ยง94 and Barry E.
  HAWK, United States, Common Market and International Antitrust - a
  comparative guide, Vol. II, Prentice Hall, 1990, p. 906.
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