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DOJ on Microsoft Netscape envy

  A note from JavaLobbyCafe.  jl
  Subject: DOJ releases Micro$oft's internal memos !
         Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 10:42:51 -0400
        From: Nagendra R Setty <nshetty@hcla.com>
          To: JavaLobbyCafe@iceworld.org
  Hi everyone,
  DOJ releases Micro$odt's internal memos at
  Documents show Netscape envy - in which dicloses internal memos
          in Micro$oft which has their Internet Strategy which has the
          following three lines !
  In a slide that lists reasons why browser share is
  important, Maritz made the following points:
  "[Web] pages become applications."
  "Netscape/Java is using the browser to create a
  'virtual operating system.'"
  "Windows will become devalued, eventually
  He went on to assess Microsoft's weaknesses,
  including the fact that company had "no control
  over Java." The first item listed under "product
  strategy" reads, "Catch Netscape 2.0, neutralize
  Java." To do so, Maritz proposed using IE 3.0,
  its ActiveX component architecture, and the Java
  support and tools the company would produce in
  the coming months. "Java cannot be an
  advantage for Netscape," he wrote. 
  Also, a host of links including the 
  letters from Micro$oft to Comapaq, 
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