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Pro MS viewpoint

  >From the same SJMercury site, a pro MS viewpoint:
  bob silverton - 11:55pm Oct 20, 1997 PST (#23 of 28)
   Browser is turning into not just a viewer but rather a platform, a
  collection of APIÂ’s. That is totally fair game for an OS, thatÂ’s the
  nature of an OS, to provide standard services. 
   Web browser is like LAN server browser, like CD browser, like Windows
  explorer. Just another pipe. 
   Viewing has always been free, always part of the OS. 
   Things always get bundled, itÂ’s natural progress. Like bundling disk
  compression, print preview, IP stacks, etc. Happens in apps, not just
   Bundling is demanded by the mainstream market. ItÂ’s the simplified
  whole product. Non-computer professionals don't give a damn about
  choice, they just want it all to work. 
   Markets demand companies with 70% share, they conspire to support the
   You win by staying a couple of years ahead of the bundling. 
   There is no reason to be preservationist about individual competitors. 
   ItÂ’s not that IE is condition of installing Win95. IE is integrated
  into the Win95 install, part of the product definition.