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MS problem

  This interesting note was posted to a SJ Mercury News discussion page. 
  Sanjana Chetia - 10:20pm Oct 20, 1997 PST (#20 of 28)
  When I was trying to load Visual Studio some time ago, I was
  flabergasted that the installation will not complete because I did not
  have IE installed in my PC. First, I was asked if I wanted to install
  IE, I replied No and continued the installation. Then I received a
  warning saying that some components may use IE. I was again asked if I
  wanted to install IE. I said No (I am already used to Netscape and had
  no reason to change my browser). Besides I only wanted to quickly
  compile a Visual C++ file and was not going to use all the features and
  components of Visual Studio. 
  However, to my amazement the installation exited without completing
  because I refused to install IE in my PC. If this is not an
  anti-competitive and monopolistic practice, what is? I am glad the
  Justice Department finally acted.... 
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