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All the brains?!?

  Heather Beech wrote (http://www.essential.org/listproc/am-info/msg01389.html):
  > Another interesting article at this URL..[...]
  Good piece. There have been others like it; the press hasn't _completely_
  sheltered M'soft, though I have to admit that the apparent integrity of the
  CNN poll (at least CNN appears not to reject votes submitted with Lynx!)
  came as a surprise. Geez, how our expectations have been lowered.
  (Well, with CNN using Windows-only numeric HTML tags [which ABC does too],
  putting _monopoly_ in quotes ["...using its Windows `monopoly' to force..."
  -- 97-11-4], and calling Windows 95 "vital" ["...withholding its vital
  Windows 95 system..." -- 97-10-27], what _can_ you expect?)
  I find the title of Cringely's piece disturbing, even though it is probably
  meant sarcastically:
        Wise men and women still walk by night: Why having all the
        money and all the brains won't buy the future for Microsoft 
  I'm still waiting for a columnist to come out and express doubt, or at
  least refrain from saying or implying, that BG & Co. have a monopoly on
  brains and everyone else in the computer industry, past or present, is a
  dribbling idiot. That line, full of holes to begin with, is wearing thin.
  To my mind, there is evidence of genius everywhere but at M'soft -- and
  that includes real marketing genius. Remember: it took some persuading to
  get BG to call his GUI Windows instead of Interface Manager. The company's
  products don't bespeak exceptional intelligence, that's for darn sure.
  Hey, is there anyone out there who saw and still remembers BG's appearance
  on Larry King Live around the time of the W95 release? THAT might disabuse
  some people of the notion that the guy is on his toes....
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