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Re: Building Pro-Monopoly Judges

  As those who know me understand, I'm hardly a fan of leftist or right-wing
  If you want to know what the Federalist Society thinks, you should read
  their publications. But I suspect that they argue the way to rein in
  powerful companies like MSFT is through criticism, consumer boycotts,
  critical reporting,and other similar strategies.
  Not playing politics and asking the Feds to step in and squash companies
  you don't like. That strategy is likely to backfire anyway, after MSFT buys
  enough politicans to turn the tide and stomp on companies you like.
  Oh, and the point in pointing out what the Federalist Society is working on
  is to show that it's hardly the unalloyed evil that some of the folks on
  this list would like you to believe.
  At 20:57 -0500 12/21/97, Christopher Pall wrote:
  >> I've run into the Federalist Society a few times before. I occasionally go
  >> to their conferences, and I know they've been active in such HEINOUS
  >> dealings as:
  >>   -- arguing against the Communications Decency Act
  >>   -- arguing against state-by-state content regulation of the Internet
  >>   -- arguing for your right to speak anonymously online
  >>   -- arguing for your right to use and distribute encryption freely
  >> Yes, folks, you heard it here first. These folks are evil and must NOT be
  >> allowed to hold seminars for judges. (Only leftists are allowed this
  >> particular trick.)
  >So what if the Federalist Society argued for any of the above? All I am
  >in is whether or not the Federalist Society argues whether or not
  >monopolies such
  >as MS should be allowed to continue with free reign.
  >Argue the issue! Not a platform for politics (liberal or conservative).
  >Listen to the essential question of the APPRAISING MICROSOFT email list -
  >if anything, should and can be done realistically to curtail Microsoft's
  >in the PC software industry."
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