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Re: Building Pro-Monopoly Judges

  > I've run into the Federalist Society a few times before. I occasionally go
  > to their conferences, and I know they've been active in such HEINOUS
  > dealings as:
  >   -- arguing against the Communications Decency Act
  >   -- arguing against state-by-state content regulation of the Internet
  >   -- arguing for your right to speak anonymously online
  >   -- arguing for your right to use and distribute encryption freely
  > Yes, folks, you heard it here first. These folks are evil and must NOT be
  > allowed to hold seminars for judges. (Only leftists are allowed this
  > particular trick.)
  So what if the Federalist Society argued for any of the above? All I am interested
  in is whether or not the Federalist Society argues whether or not monopolies such
  as MS should be allowed to continue with free reign.
  Argue the issue! Not a platform for politics (liberal or conservative).
  Listen to the essential question of the APPRAISING MICROSOFT email list - "What,
  if anything, should and can be done realistically to curtail Microsoft's monopoly
  in the PC software industry."
                         Christopher Pall
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                         Kalamazoo MI USA
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