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Re: Fwd: Re: Is Unix dying--or even dead?

  In message <v04002a04b0bf6fa30ee8@[]>, mj@creative.net is rumored
   to have said:
  :Fools. This will trap them into trying to compete with MS on its own
  :platform, which is what's killing everyone else.  What they should do is
  :port to Linux, which should be much easier anyway, and give much better
  :results, since they can customize the OS to their needs.  Does anyone have
  :any connections at SGI?  I'm preparing a pro-Linux case based on my OOSI
  :paper that I want to promote around Silicon Valley.
  Many companies have gone the way that SGI is going now.  It's to be
  expected as companies consolidate to a few supported operating systems.
  If SGI is to have a future, it's going to have to be as a software
  development company or as a custom solutions provider.  Wintel has pretty
  much made sure that custom hardware is not affordable anymore, no matter
  what the performance to cost ratio.
  If you're interested in what I consider to be the formula for promoting
  free operating systems, you might want to check out an excellent paper
  that was written by Larry McVoy ( an SGI employee as a matter of fact ) a
  few years ago about this very subject.  You can get a copy of it off of
  Miguel de Icaza's web page at:
  Christopher Blizzard
  AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.