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Fwd: Re: Is Unix dying--or even dead?

  >>>From Edupage, 18 December 1997:
  >>Silicon Graphics Inc.'s plan to allow SGI graphics software to run on
  >>Microsoft's Windows NT operating system provides new evidence that a
  >>growing number of companies are giving up on Unix and instead
  >>standardizing on Windows NT.  SGI hopes to be able to use its
  >>experience in developing high-end graphics software without having to
  >>spend a great deal of time building the underlying technology
  >>represented by an operating system. (Washington Post  17 Dec 97)
  Fools. This will trap them into trying to compete with MS on its own
  platform, which is what's killing everyone else.  What they should do is
  port to Linux, which should be much easier anyway, and give much better
  results, since they can customize the OS to their needs.  Does anyone have
  any connections at SGI?  I'm preparing a pro-Linux case based on my OOSI
  paper that I want to promote around Silicon Valley.