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Re: Missing Brigade(2)

  I agree, Claire.  I've learned a lot here, too.
  Charles, I don't think you will draw out many Windows
  engineers no matter how you structure your forum.  The
  first problem is that they're busy.  The second problem is that
  most are nervous about being openly critical of Microsoft, because
  they rely on Microsoft for support.   The third problem
  is that the Silicon Valley culture is "leave the government out of
  There is a lot of "back channel" activity going on in emails and
  phone calls, though.  (In one of those back channel phone calls
  I learned about the programming languages brief Borland filed
  with the DOJ, and that is, so far, ignored by them)
  A few words about my qualifications for this list...  I have been a
  software engineer for about 20 years.  I was at Borland for five
  years and held stock options when its stock price increased by 392%
  in a single year.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Two teams I worked with
  at Borland won the PC Magazine Award for Technical Excellence.
  In 1992, we won for Quattro Pro for Windows.  MS Excel was in
  the competition and we beat 'em.  (My role on that team was writing
  the Windows chart making DLL)  I've also worked for Northstar,
  MicroPro, and Adobe.  Most recently I wrote the HTML editor that
  ships with QuickSite 2.5.  I have an MA in Mathematics from
  Berkeley and, with ONR support, have published a numerical computing
  My current area of interest is the Internet and, specifically.
  applications for Java Server.  I have a little money to invest in Java
  application development and plan to do so...if we can just get this monopoly
  Tod Landis
  claribba wrote:
  > Charles Mueller wrote:
  > > In my musing last evening on how a discussion list might go at
  > >attracting the most knowledgeable people in its field-
  > <whole lot of snipping>
  > > Attracting the most knowledgeable people to Net discussion groups is
  > >obviously the linchpin in their ability to contribute to the solution of the
  > >world's harder policy problems.  So far, none of the lists I've been on have
  > >spelled out such a consistent, coherent policy--or have attracted the full
  > >roster of the best in their respective fields.  'List policy' is, I believe,
  > >a key factor in making a real-world difference.  I hope we'll hear from
  > >other members who have some thoughts here.
  > Well, IMO, there are insults of the in-your-face kind and then there are
  > the more subtle, veiled type.  Am I to assume that you equate everyone who
  > has contributed so far to this list as so much chopped liver?
  > There are real-world people posting here, with real-world experiences,
  > real-world expertise, and real-world opinions.  I have learned much from
  > them, and hope to continue to do so... unmonitored and uncensored,
  > Claire Macdonald