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RE: Missing Brigade(2)

  Charles Mueller wrote:
  > In my musing last evening on how a discussion list might go at
  >attracting the most knowledgeable people in its field-
  <whole lot of snipping>
  > Attracting the most knowledgeable people to Net discussion groups is
  >obviously the linchpin in their ability to contribute to the solution of the
  >world's harder policy problems.  So far, none of the lists I've been on have
  >spelled out such a consistent, coherent policy--or have attracted the full
  >roster of the best in their respective fields.  'List policy' is, I believe,
  >a key factor in making a real-world difference.  I hope we'll hear from
  >other members who have some thoughts here.
  Well, IMO, there are insults of the in-your-face kind and then there are
  the more subtle, veiled type.  Am I to assume that you equate everyone who
  has contributed so far to this list as so much chopped liver?
  There are real-world people posting here, with real-world experiences,
  real-world expertise, and real-world opinions.  I have learned much from
  them, and hope to continue to do so... unmonitored and uncensored, 
  Claire Macdonald