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  A friend and benchmark maniac on our local mac user group list has sent me
  a good page for *real* benchmarks..
  In addition to providing a number of benchmark "scores" for various
  machines running different OS's..it has the following opportunities to try
  the benchmark on your own machine ..you can even customize the Fortran
  code, which is provided ..."to run on a processor of your choice"
  ================== from the web page [see link above] =====================
  To run the benchmark on your PC, click the appropriate item in the
  following list to download a compatible Whetstone program.
  *68k Macintosh Version: requires a 6888x floating point unit (FPU) or a
  full-up 68040 (68LC040 NOT supported) Macintosh model
  *Power Macintosh Version: requires a Mac-OS-compatible model with 60x Power
  PC processor
  *WinTel Version: requires IBM-compatibles with 80x86 or Pentium processors
  After downloading, reboot your PC to disable extensions and, if possible,
  minimize network connections of any kind.
  Results appearing in the above table reflect similar conditions with
  minimized system interrupts. Execute the Whetstone program and enter 500
  inner loops at the first prompt; 5 outer loops at the second prompt. It may
  take a couple minutes for all Whetstone operations to execute on slower
  PCs. Press your "return" key to terminate the program. Reports of dpKWS
  values output under the "Pass # 2" heading are welcome at MacMission
  Whetstone FORTRAN source code can also be downloaded and customized to run
  on a processor of your choice.
  ================= end web page stuff  ===============================
  They'll be happy to include your reported information in their datbase.......
  This information has been provided courtesy of:
  rob ART morgan (barefoot@hawaii.rr.com)
  barefoot beach (http://www.hawaii.rr.com/barefoot_beach/)
  honolulu, hawaii
  He has some cool web pages ..including his own humorous cartoons [and
  benchmark stuff for Macs] on his site.
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