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Re: A few brief thoughts on recent [something]

  >P.A. Petricone wrote --
   ...why is it that there are just a handful of vocal participants
  >> here that represent or are in some way connected to the "Jury of
  >> (it's) peers"? Furthermore, who are the other 270 or so recipients?
  Lots of us who were very vocal at the beginning of the list have pretty
  much said what we had to say and are lurking..also we're busier and busier
  as the infamous "Holiday Season" gathers momentum...
  If you check the archives of this list, I think you'll find a remarkable
  number of members *have* contributed!
  You might also be interested in a theory I read about once called "The
  Theory of the Dominant 5%" which holds that out of any group of
  people..you'll find 5% or 1/20th who are "dominant"..in this case..people
  who are actually "butt-in-sky" enough [I include myself here,for better or
  for worse] to post to the list. Typically, the other 95% will lurk.
  Given that probably only the more "dominant" folks will even sign up for a
  list like this, our self-selected group will probably have a higher
  percentage of posters than a random group...as I said, I think a remarkable
  number have contributed to the discussion at one time or another.
  We *do* have quite a few independent developers here [as far as I know] and
  also many who work for large companies..even Microsoft! I suspect [having
  seen that some of them are receiving mail from the list at addresses like
  sun.com and microsoft.com..]that they are being discreet about posting to
  this list from those mailboxes..perhaps some who are unsubscribing may also
  be re-subscribing at a different [home] address..
  now returning to "lurker" status..
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