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RE: A few (not so) brief thoughts

  From: 	Glenn T. Livezey
  Sent: 	Wednesday, December 10, 1997 5:03 PM
  To: 	P.A. Petricone; am-info@essential.org
  Subject: 	Re: A few (not so) brief thoughts 
  On Tue, 9 Dec 1997 20:35:53 -0500 (EST), P.A. Petricone wrote:
  >Topic No. 7
  What is topic No, 7? - it's not part of my original...
  >Subject: A few brief thoughts on recent
  >Re what Christopher Pall wrote:
  >I cannot stress how important I think it is and will be for those that now 
  have the charter to maintain the structure of the net, which is just a huge
  PLEASE, correct me if I'm wrong, but, as I uinderstand this issue,  it is 
  basically a budget negotiation gambit. More about this below.
  I am not in a position to accurately assess the genisis of the current issue, nor do I much care. My concern is the net effect of the issue and it's preceedent events are dire in my view, which may be better expressed at:
  ... just recently scanned it but did not digest it.. and I did not pinch the "accountability" language :>) This and it's parent pages appear to have immeasurably more insight on this and related issues than I could hope to have.
  >IP6 or some iteration will be implemented. 
  I really would like to see a replay of what that means to the practical maintainence of the net as is, and the net to be, if you please. 
  It is a simple key to your veracity. You do wish to insure that, do you not?
  On the balance of your reponse, Glenn, I''ll get back to you on or off list, as it pertains, as I can. 
  To the others on the list, who really do not need to justify why they are on it if they choose not to, I beg your indulgance in an earlier post - it struck me a bit odd that the mechanics of the list processor is keeping us anonymous to each other despite a mechanism to disclose the recipients. Perhaps I am doing something wrong in asking it for the recipient list?
  P.A. Petricone