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Re: MS bashing, pure and simple

  > Ahahahah. That is clearly evidence to the kangaroo court nature of this forum.
  > Notice - exhibit A adduced as evidence that MS is an evil, malevolent organization that must
  > be exterminated because they dare to provide decent livings to employees by making a 'profit'
  > instead of unselfishly working for the altruistic benefit of humanity. Then it comes to light that
  > exhibit A was actually from a competitor and it suddenly becomes evidence that the competitor
  > is a kind, caring, decent, benevelent company. But that's politics, talk about 'spin', hee. :)
  I think it's pretty obvious that the members of this list are definitely of
  the anti-microsoft camp.  It's not suprising to find sarcastic comments
  against the entity being evaluated... because, I should hope to god, we still
  have a sense of humor.
  Now, to address the real complaint, I don't think anyone dislikes Microsoft's
  practices because it "provides a decent living to it's employees by making a
  'profit'".  That's what companies are supposed to do.  However, I think that
  the issue is that it also manages to destroy the decent living that
  competitors' employees make through illegal and immoral activities.
  What's more, on a personal note, every company should try it's best to work
  for the benefit of humanity.  If it's working actively for the detriment of
  humanity, then there's something seriously wrong with it's priorities.
  Oh, by the way, the part of the javasoft agreement in question was meant to be
  a joke.  Here's your spin for you: at least they have a sense of humour and
  have some character, whereas Microsoft is as soulless as bill gates trying to
  play the blues.
  Another FYI link that might interest fellow developers on this list, a
  plug-n-play Operating System development kit that provides the core libraries
  to link to some sort of core that you write.... for instance, they've built a
  perl operating system with it.... mmmmmm: