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MS bashing, pure and simple

  From: 	Milton Ponson[SMTP:level.seven@setarnet.aw]
  >>    support machines, or weapons systems, in which the failure of Java
  >>    technology could lead directly to death, personal injury, or severe
  >>    physical or environmental damage.
  >> I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but these words aren't Microsoft's--they
  >> are in the original Java agreement from SunSoft.  Sun has been taken to task
  >> repeatedly over this extreme sort of waffling.  Microsoft is just passing it
  >> along, probably as part of their reseller's agreement.
  >> --
  >> Chip
  >At least Sun has the decency to put this stuff in writing.
  Ahahahah. That is clearly evidence to the kangaroo court nature of this forum.
  Notice - exhibit A adduced as evidence that MS is an evil, malevolent organization that must
  be exterminated because they dare to provide decent livings to employees by making a 'profit'
  instead of unselfishly working for the altruistic benefit of humanity. Then it comes to light that
  exhibit A was actually from a competitor and it suddenly becomes evidence that the competitor
  is a kind, caring, decent, benevelent company. But that's politics, talk about 'spin', hee. :)
  While on the lighter subject of laughing at people frustrated with their PC's, here's a URL to
  an audio comedy show by Harry Shearer (voice of Mr. Burns on the Simpsons) which features
  a Microsoft screw up that they tried to blame on someone else (and isn't that what it's all
  about anyway?)
  There's over two years of Harry's weekly, hour long 'Le Show' there if one enjoys
  that type of humor. A real gold mine to me.
  Note to the paranoid: "channels" has nothing to do with MSIE channels, you (and I) can use
  Netscape to enjoy this programming, and "95" has nothing to do with Windows 95, it's just
  the year of the broadcast.
  Here's an interesting idea: Since MS could legally take the Mac windows interface
  "look and feel", somebody should be able to do it to them (if turn about is fair play) - 
  in that spirit, for those going to a free Unix (what I call "out of the frying pan and into
  the fire") here's a clone of the Win95 desktop as an X-windows manager, it's free and
  not MS, but preserves some of the "consistent user interface experience" MS claims
  is so important: