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Re: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail

  In <19971209165607484.AAA150@psl2013.metrolink.net>, on 12/09/97 
     at 11:59 AM, charles mueller <cmueller@metrolink.net> said:
  >        Thanks to Jim Fleming, we now have the E-mail addresses of 77
  >U.S. senators (below).
  Like I said I'm willing to write the software for it. It will be web based
  off of our site.  I already have the software written I believe.  I think
  what I have will work anyway.  But I do have a forwarder I wrote that will
  forward to different people.  The only change I would have to make is to
  have it change the to address to the different recipents.  Like I said it
  is pretty much ready to go all we really need is the letter.